What is the Value of
Different Advertising Techniques?


Businesses need effective advertising techniques to succeed because advertising drives awareness of their products and services.  With no brand awareness your start up business or existing one has no way to draw attention and attract customers.

It is especially important for both online and offline small businesses and home based businesses to understand the the different techniques used in advertising that will appeal to new customers, because they are competing with larger enterprises with a lot more resources dedicated to win these customers over.


Free and Low Cost Advertising Techniques


It is not absolutely necessary to have a large budget for advertising since there are lots of free and low cost advertising techniques to promote your business. Online business advertising is one of the best low cost opportunities.

You can use social media marketing, which is basically free advertising. There are many social media marketing websites that can be used to generate interest in your product or service. Facebook and Twitter are two of the most well known. On these services you can create a page for your business and start attracting followers and fans. You can also post statuses about your business and engage new customers.

Google Ad Words, is another option which can be very cheap advertising if you do your homework and choose the right “key words” for your product or service. For Google Ad Words you can specify your budget, and your advert will appear in Google searches.

Another option which can be very effective is using a service like “Fiverr”, where you can find “Gigs” to promote your business in almost every way you can think of. For a small budget you can certainly get a tremendous amount of attention to your business. You might have to do some “testing” at first to find the right service provider or freelancer with the most suitable Gig for your intended marketing purposes. By far, this is one of the most cost effective ways available today to test a multitude of advertising techniques with a very small out of pocket cost. 


Here are a few other select resources on the subject from Amazon that you might find very helpful:


Online business advertising is not the only way to go. You can also advertise in your local community. You can usually put up business cards or posters for a minimal fee in local businesses.

If you are looking for innovative advertising techniques, one idea might be to try to get the local newspaper to write a story about your business.

Of course, to get them to do this they will need to understand why the story is of interest to their readership – this is where your “innovation” and creativity comes into play.  




Outsourcing Your Online Advertising


In many cases you will find that there are highly qualified professionals that you can outsource the implementation of these advertising techniques to. You will need an advertising budget to be able to achieve this, but it can be relatively inexpensive. There are professionals that can help you increase the number of “likes” you have on Facebook or “followers” you have on Twitter.

These social media marketing experts can be found on online work websites like Elance, Guru and Facebook. Real experts will help you to not just attract any followers, but those that fit the profile of your target audience and could be potential customers.

Where capital is not available you can rely on free advertising opportunities and doing it yourself. This will take time away from other activities that you have to do to build up your business. However, advertising is essential because without advertising you will not have customers. Without customers you will not have a business.

Advertising Success Story


There are many startups and other businesses that experienced great marketing success, but one such company is particularly interesting because of their resourceful approach.  Groupon’s business model has been built entirely around helping other people advertise.

When businesses advertise deals on Groupon they are doing it for the advertising to get new customers to their business.

This idea using new advertising techniques has been extremely successful. Through carrying out this type of business activity, Groupon became very successful and lots of the businesses and companies that advertised through Groupon by offering special deals also experienced tremendous success.



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