Attempt at Affiliate Marketing

by Anonymous

I have tried affiliate marketing in the past, and although not completely unique, it was a business venture I thought I could succeed in. I had to learn how to make websites, I also needed to learn about Search Engine Optimization and online marketing.

Google Adwords and Adsense were other internet terms that I needed to learn about. The business venture failed but fortunately I didn't have to invest much money into it. I learned that not only do you have to learn about online marketing techniques, but you also have to do something called 'back linking', which is putting links to other websites on the back page of your site. This allows 'worms' to go through your site and find content that is relevant to your site. This is how you get a good ranking when you google something, or use some other search engine like Bing, or Yahoo.

I thought the biggest hurdle I would have to face was learning how to create the websites, like using HTML. This however was the easy part; the hard part was finding 'linking' partners that would put your link on their website. I ended up joining something called a link farm, where you can freely exchange links between like sites. That didn't help my sites ranking on various search engines and I eventually learned that creating websites and marketing them is a tough chore.

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