Business Ideas For Teens


There are many small business ideas for teens who want to make a little extra cash or even go beyond that and become successful entrepreneurs while they are still young.

Working online can be beneficial for young entrepreneurs.  There are plenty of real-world opportunities for teen entrepreneurs, from basic ideas like babysitting to more advanced home-based business opportunities.

The steps to get started with business ideas for teenagers depend on the type of business you’re starting. But in general, you start with an idea you’re excited about and which has a great market, acquire the necessary tools, and then start doing business.


Tools Needed For Teen Business Ideas


For online businesses, you’ll need a website—either a free blog or your own website with your own domain. For offline businesses, you may still find it beneficial to have a website. No matter what kind of business you have, you’ll need a computer (or some other device to connect to the internet and perform basic functions) and an internet connection. Here are some other tools teens in business will find helpful:

  • Dropbox – Always back up your computer files because if you don’t, they’re gone if your computer dies or gets infected with a virus. Dropbox is free cloud storage that makes backing up files easy.
  • Skype – It’s easy and cheap to have your own business phone line separate from mom and dad’s phone and even your own cell phone. The service costs about $30 per year to have your own local phone number and then a few dollars per month to make phone calls on it.
  • Square – If you’re going to be taking credit cards for your products or services, this credit card reader attaches to an iPad or smartphone, making it easy for business owners to accept credit card payments.
  • Quora – Learn about needs and wants in your market by posting questions and monitoring answers from users. You’ll be able to see where there is a gap in services that you might be able to take advantage of.  This market research is a very important step that you must do before you even start your business.  You must also perform this type or research periodically to remain informed of any shifts in your target market.  There are other online tools, such as social media marketing tools, you can use for this purpose.    


Five Business Ideas For Teens


There are plenty of online business ideas or good home business ideas that are perfect for teenagers. Here are five of them:

  1. Start a service business like babysitting, lawn mowing, running errands for seniors, or anything else you recognize as a need in your local community.
  2. Start a social media consulting company. If you know of any needs or problems teens have that are not being met, you can provide valuable insight to businesses which market to teens.
  3. Get crafty by making candles, jewelry, or anything else. Then sell it in your local community, on eBay, or on Etsy.
  4. Start a blog and monetize it by selling ads or through a service like Google AdSense. Blog about issues that are local to your high school or community for example and work to promote your blog and grow the number of your readers.
  5. If you have a hobby or a skill you’re very good at, and are able to teach it to others, then make sure you put this knowledge together in a form of an e-book, e-course, videos, audios, or whatever medium possible and offer it for sale to your interested audience/target market.    

No matter what your business idea is, you can certainly start very small and grow as you learn about business building and how to become successful at it.


Three Successful Kids in Business


And finally, here is some inspiration to get you started. These three children entrepreneurs hit it big with their business ideas for teens:

  1. Mark Bao – By the age of 17, he had started 11 companies and 3 foundations.
  2. Alex Frasier – At the age of 16, he runs the highest ranking blog that’s written by a 16 year old.
  3. Savannah Britt – She became the youngest magazine publisher in the world at the age of 14.

Check out the interviews done by Junior Biz to learn more specifics about each of these young entrepreneurs and how they put their business ideas for teens into action.




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