Business Names Ideas:
Creating The Perfect Brand


When you’re looking for business names ideas, your mind may go blank. It often seems like just when we need to come up with something witty or memorable, we just can’t do it. But if you’ve got a place to jump off from, then it becomes a little easier to come up with company name ideas.

Here are some tips to get you started.


How to Choose a Good Business Name and Logo


To come up with some great business name ideas, start by looking at word plays. Is there a combination of words that create a picture that would sum up your business? For example, the firm Eat My Words actually specializes in coming up with company names ideas.

However when you are playing with words, keep in mind that using a pun may be risky. If you’re sure that it will be memorable, then it might be alright, but often a pun is not the way to go.

Great business names ideas should also be easy to pronounce and remember. It should be meaningful both to your audience and to you. For example, mentions a frozen yogurt business called Spoon Me, which ended up being great for branding because they were able to sell a lot of t-shirts, bumper stickers, and buttons. There’s nothing like advertising people will pay you for instead of it being the other way around.

When looking for business logo ideas, simple is also advisable. You don’t necessarily need your business name in the logo, but it should relate in some way. Look at some of the most well-known and memorable logos: Coca-Cola, Kraft, Starbucks Coffee. All of them incorporate the name of the business in some way. And then you have McDonald’s, which simply uses the golden M, and NBC, which sometimes includes the three-letter company name but often is just the recognizable rainbow peacock.

Sometimes your idea for a logo may come before your business names ideas, and that’s OK. Try to think of the logos you like the most and use them to create a logo and business names ideas for your own company.


How Branding Affects Your Business Success


Having a great business name also makes a huge difference for branding. If people can’t remember your business name and see your logo, then they won’t remember to do business with you.

Branding is also important in the world of internet business. You need a name that’s not only catchy, but that translates into a domain name people will remember and be able to spell. You may find the use of a business name generator like "Panabee" to be helpful in this regard.


Business Name Ideas and Legal Issues


As you’re coming up with ideas for business names, keep in mind that you might run into legal problems. It might be that the name you want is already taken, and you don’t want to face a lawsuit for copyright or trademark infringement.

Panabee will help you find a name that’s not taken, but you should also run a check through the office and check your logo against the Trademark office ( And once you settle on a name, make sure that you have a lawyer help you with filing the appropriate paperwork with these offices so that your name and logo will be protected.



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