Call Center Offshore Outsourcing:
Getting Started


Call center offshore outsourcing is one of the most commonly used services for small businesses. It enables you to give your small business the feel of a large corporation. It also helps you get things done rather than take phone calls all day long.

Many small business owners look to offshore call center outsourcing because they just can’t do it all on their own any longer. After all, hot new business ideas can result in rapid growth, so it’s natural that the first step you might take in outsourcing is call centers.

So how do you go about doing it? Here are some guidelines and tips to get you started with call center offshore outsourcing.

The Risks of Using a Call Center Outsourcing Service


Keep in mind that when you do outsource anything, you lose a little bit of control over that aspect of your business. However, you may not have much choice, especially if you have a very small or a home-based businessthat can’t staff its own call center. 

Make sure when you do go about choosing a company to work with that you look into their practices for outsourcing recruitment for their call centers. You need a company that has very high standards for English speaking skills (if English is the language you need for your business). Language can be a problem with call center outsourcing in places such as India or China, but not as much in the Philippines for example.  There are offshore outsourcing companies with high standards that can deliver quality customer service, but you have to do your homework to find the right one for you. 

You also need a company that you are certain will deliver. Don’t use a service provider that can’t connect you with past and current clients who are happy with their services.  Many of the online sites, such as, that specialize in bringing together virtual employers and employees from all over the world, make it extremely easy for you to find the right freelancer or offshore outsourcing company to hire.  They offer reviews and complete profiles on almost all of the companies and virtual workers registered with them.  In addition to that they have a plethora of tools entrepreneurs, small and large businesses can use to help streamline their outsourcing.


Setting Yourself up for Success in Call Center Offshore Outsourcing


There is one problem with global call center outsourcing that you can avoid on your end, and that is lack of information. Before you even connect with an outsourcing company, put together a package of information for them.

Make a list of your needs and expectations, as well as practices, products and/or services, and the processes you expect them to follow. Be as clear and thorough as you can in your expectations and your explanations of what you need done. This will help the company or freelancer you choose be able to provide you and your customers with quality service. Whatever time you take in the beginning to instruct your new hire (and to train them if necessary) will pay tremendous dividends in relatively very short periods of time. 

Locating Offshore Outsourcing Companies


Just finding call center offshore outsourcing companies can be a challenge. An offshore outsourcing directory like can be an immense help in finding a great company to work with. They have broken down the companies into categories like business processes, engineering, website design, law, accounting, and more.  There are even better online sites, such as and, which you can use to outsource whatever call center related jobs you have. 

Just be sure to check the references and reviews of these companies before you hire them, and feel free to replace them if they’re not living up to your expectations. 

To build and grow your business, you must learn to delegate some of the time consuming or menial tasks, in order for you to focus on more important aspects of your business.  If your business requires attending to customer calls, there is a great chance a call center outsourcing service could help free up a lot of your most needed time.  Experiment with it and don’t be afraid to invest some time and effort making in it an integral part of your offline or online business.




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