Should You Start a
Computer Networking Consultant Business?


A computer networking consultant helps businesses build and design computer networks. They assess the needs of the network and review capacity that the company requires.  They work to design a network that meets the needs, bearing mind the budget that is available for the job. They can either just plan and design or also implement the work too.

When thinking about what computer networking is, it is important to know that there are a large variety of different components to consider in such a network including the computers, switches, routers, thermostats, servers, firewalls and more. Computer networking companies deal with all of this. Sometimes IT consulting firms can do this kind of work, but other times, companies want to deal specifically with a computer networking consultant.


How to Start a Computer Networking Consultant Business?


You do not need any significant capital if any to start such a business, but you do need a good understanding of computer networks to create this kind of information technology consultancy firm.

Continual learning and keeping on top of new developments is critical for any would-be computer networking business person or firm. Constant technological advancements mean that there is always a new way of doing things.

You need to be able to understand these new developments and know what is good and what is not to be able to advise your clients accordingly. This means you need a desire to learn and to continue learning.


What if I’m Not Tech Savvy?


Building a business as a computer networking consultant without any technical knowledge would be challenging. Perhaps the best way to achieve this would be to hire freelancers by outsourcing the different technical networking tasks to them.  However, you need to be pretty good at building teams and working in a virtual environment, as most of the work might need to be done remotely.  

You can certainly start small by hiring one or two people part time to do the job.  But you must also be a good at marketing yourself (or in this case your new computer networking consultancy) to start building your clientele. 

You must understand though, that with a poor technological understanding it would be hard for you, at least in the beginning, to be able to explain to your clients what the problem was and how you fixed it, without relying heavily on input from your consultants.

Those with technical knowledge who are already computer networking consultants could build such a business by using the resources available on websites like,, and

Here you can find clients seeking your services, and help them even if you do not have a business background. Remember that your clients might not understand real “techie speak” and you will need to be able to communicate with them in a straightforward way that they can understand.


Success Stories in Computer Networking


One of the most infamous, but ultimately successful computer networking consultants is Kevin Mitnick.

He gained infamy by hacking into networks. This is not to be recommended as it landed him in jail for five years. Kevin was released in 2002 and went on from there to start his own computer networking consultancy.

He is continually hired for his expertise and has built up an extremely reputable business. His business reports into network vulnerability, advising clients how they can protect themselves from people just like him.

His best advice is not to follow the route he took to his success, but he also advises would-be computer consultants to always keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for any networking situation. Expert computer networking specialists can command thousands of dollars per job and even more.



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