Customer Service Training on How to Make Your Business Popular

by JT

I have worked in the customer service business in one form or anther for over years. The variety of jobs have ranged from cashier in a gas station, clerical assistant for a hospital laboratory to an attendance clerk for a school.

I have discovered a common theme for each business: customer service. The ability to courteously assist the person on the opposite side of the counter. If more business owners (especially small, private businesses) were aware of how much impact a smiling worker has on the public, they would put customer service training at the top of their list. My business ideas would involve a secret visitor to the business who would grade the employees on their response. Since I envision myself as that visitor, I would make a few phone calls to the business to check on how employees handle the unseen customer.

Courtesy means everything even over the phone. Test the people (employees) who are responsible for your success as a business owner. Plan on a bi-yearly, short, courtesy tune up from an outside source (such as myself). I may not be able to tell the widgets from bolts but I can encourage your employees to know about your products. They should be able to deliver those widgets with a smile to the customer. Ditto for the bolts.

Young employees need guidance as to how they should treat customers especially during the busy times. My short, personal seminar would emphasize the importance of treating each individual with respect even when the respect isn't returned. Reassure each employee that they are professionals. Never let the rude customer's attitude affect what happens next. This is not "pay it forward" time.

Technical workers live in a logical world. Many times, they can't understand why the rest of us don't "get it". I understand their outlook but, in my seminars, I would still assure them that they have a responsibility to show courtesy too. No matter, how illogical the customer behaves. I would involve role playing in my lesson.

My closing remarks to your employees would include a story about a small, personal goal for each customer. I discovered this works for almost all businesses. As a Customer Service representative, I should make each customer feel valued. When they feel valued and respected, they return.

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