How to Break into the
Ecommerce Website Development Business


Though it has been around for a while, ecommerce website development still provides plenty of business opportunities today. For people that wish to have virtual jobs or start an online business, business website development can help them to get started.

Opportunities here arise in the form of setting up an ecommerce website and earning from it via each sale made, or alternatively, setting up a company that provides development of ecommerce websites to support the needs of others. 


Market Research – A Must Do


When working on ecommerce website development, the first step is research.

It is important to understand the businesses that are operating in the market already and to see where any gaps exist. Then a would-be ecommerce website developer can create a website that is competitive or which opens up a whole new market.

Contacting suppliers in the market for the products and services to be sold is the next step to understand prices and how money can be made. With all of the information at hand the website can then be developed, tested and launched.

Ogilvy argues that the key thing to know about getting into ecommerce is that you must “sell, or else”. It is reported that getting the costing right per order at the outset is essential.


Is Ecommerce Website Development for Techies Only?


It is not completely necessary to be a technical whizz to get into the development of ecommerce websites. It is possible for a smart entrepreneur to find the development skills needed to create the ecommerce website and then outsource the development work accordingly.

While an individual who is not tech savvy can build up an ecommerce business, being able to understand how such websites work is essential to be able to communicate requirements to the developer, and to be able to understand effectively what is and what is not possible and why. Non-technical entrepreneurs can also consider using templates such as those found on to develop an ecommerce website and start an online business from home.

To develop an ecommerce business, techies can benefit from having a business background in retail, since many ecommerce businesses are basically retail business online. Just having the skills for website development is not enough. Marketing the ecommerce business is essential for success, as is coming up with a business model that will make money.

Techies need to consider how the ecommerce website will make money. Will this cover the cost of the activities needed to deliver the products or services to the customer? How much money will each transaction make? These are important questions that both techies and non techies need to consider when going iinto the business of website developmentnt.


Virtual Tools


Successful website development companies like Solo Build It! Site Sell and Shopify have helped non-techies to develop their own ecommerce websites without any technical skills whatsoever. Volusion is another such company, as is BigCommerce.

These companies allow their customers to use easily manipulated templates to be able to set up their own ecommerce store. They allow inventory tracking, payment processing and all shopping cart activities. These companies make it very easy for people that want to get into ecommerce.

Ecommerce website development is not a new activity and has been changing and growing since the inception of the Internet and its widespread use beginning in the mid 1990s. There are still plenty of opportunities in this area for innovative companies and individuals to make money, with a good assessment of the market and the right idea.




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