How to Start a
Facebook Marketing Business

Starting a Facebook marketing business is a great way to cash in on a new skill that still seems mysterious to a lot of business owners. Social marketing simply takes a lot of specialized knowledge that few people have right now because it’s a relatively new form of marketing.

Do you have what it takes to be successful in the Facebook marketing world? Here are several tips to help you understand what is involved in starting a successful marketing business on Facebook.


Can You Make It Big In Facebook Marketing?

If you want to make money from home, then Facebook marketing may be the way to go. But first you must figure out if you have what it takes to be successful at it.

The whole point of this type of marketing is to get people to spread the word about a business. You want to get people talking about it and convince them to engage with the business.

One great example of this is Disney. They ran a campaign that, on the surface, seemed simple. But it was exceptionally engaging. Their campaign had one simple sentence: “If I could spend a day with a Disney character, I would choose ____.”

Chick-fil-A also has a number of engaging posts on its Facebook wall. For example, they post puzzles for their readers. One such puzzle asks, “Can you unscramble this favorite treat?” And then it gives a word scramble.

So as you can see, it does take a bit of cleverness to be successful in Facebook promotion and advertising.

Facebook Marketing Through Advertisements

In addition to cleverness, you’re also going to need a bit of skill in the advertising world. Facebook allows you to control how much you spend in advertising on their site each day.

Users of the site whose demographics and comments match your settings will see your ad on the side of their page. If they “like” your ad, then they will probably have friends who see them “like” it. You could get additional “likes” in this way.

Another great way to get “likes” is to offer freebies through your advertisements. These freebies can be posted on your fan page as well. People like free stuff. It’s that simple. By offering them free stuff, you can get them to start engaging with your business. You might consider offering them free Facebook apps that promote the business in some way. You could also offer free eBooks that have useful content and information related to your niche, and which add value to your prospective customers or clients.

Other Tips for Running a Facebook Marketing Business

So if these tasks sound like something you can take on and be successful at, then doing small business marketing through Facebook may be the right business for you. Just don’t forget that running an e-business like this one still requires you to do basic housekeeping tasks like taxes and bookkeeping. You must keep track of your own income and expenses.

Also don’t forget to make your tax payments! If your tax liability (the amount you will owe in taxes at tax time) is going to be higher than a certain minimum threshold, then you will need to make estimated payments throughout the year. If you don’t, you could face a penalty.

Check with your accountant to learn about your estimated tax liability and for help setting up an account with the IRS to make these payments for your FB marketing business.

Facebook advertising business is an exciting online business, which you could start and run entirely from home or anywhere you have a laptop and an internet connection. With a relatively small budget and an upbeat business attitude you can make a great living at it. And no, it won’t take you years or even months to create a successful online business marketing through Facebook if you truly work it.


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