How to Get Paid to Play Games


It may seem like a dream come true to get paid to play games, but it is possible.  There is more than one way to go about doing this, and you can even build a serious online gaming business.  If you’re passionate about online gaming and you do it anyway for free, then it is worth your while to explore some of the options available that would allow you to enjoy your passion and at the same time build a profitable business. 

Preparing To Get Paid To Play Games


One of the legitimate ways to get paid to play games is as an employee at a gaming company like Blizzard or ArenaNet. However you usually must be at least 18, and many positions require some kind of college degree, whether that’s software engineering or in a related field.

If you’re simply looking to make some extra money online, then you could go through sites that pay you a few cents to a few dollars. Some of these sites pay you through gift cards or rewards other than cash. Here are a couple of the reputable sites you might consider using for this purpose.

  • – This site allows you to play mini-games and then trade them for “bonus prizes.” It does also pay out cash in some cases. The site published actual payment amounts for the month of February 2013, ranging from $20 up to $130 for the month.
  • – Games included on this site currently include Bejeweled 2, Dynomite, Catch 21, Wheel of Fortune, Big money, Solitaire Rush, and others. This site hasn’t published dollar amounts for its earners, but it does pay less than a dollar to play various games.
  • – This game involves building a town and earning actual cash from your town. The company claims it only takes about an hour to manage your business, and you can earn money with the town you build. The site lists its largest earners from nations all over the world. Recent payment amounts range from 10 euros to 500 euros in just a couple of days.

These sites make great small business ideas for kids because they enable them to earn a little cash while doing something they might do anyway.  Just make sure you do your homework to avoid scams, such as sites which claim to pay you for playing games, but are not legitimate.   


Virtual Jobs for Serious Gamers


There is yet another way you can get paid to play games. This method is perhaps a little more involved than the other ways to get paid for gaming. It is however, one of the best free home based business opportunities for serious gamers.

It basically involves broadcasting your gameplay. Other players might watch because you’re tackling difficult content or doing something unique in the game.

Probably the most reputable and lucrative way to do this is to become a partner with Twitch.TV. You earn ad revenue from commercials that air between games and have the chance to earn extra cash if your channel becomes especially popular.

If you decide to take this route to get paid to play games, then you will need to establish your gaming channel, promote it online, and build up your viewership. You can also try creating YouTube videos of your gameplay and follow that path into creating a video gameplay channel. In order to record or stream your gameplay, you’ll need software like Ezvid or Ustream. Both make it easy to show off your gaming skills while you get paid to play games.

So if gaming is one of your hobbies, then take advantage of the time you spend doing it and earn additional streams of income. 


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