Green Business Ideas:
Earn Green while Helping Others Go Green

In today’s market, green business ideas are some of the most successful ideas for starting new businesses. Many people want to find ways to start their own business, and almost everyone on the planet is looking for ways to make their lives more eco-friendly.

If you have business ideas that are environmentally friendly and are appealing to others, you can almost certainly build a successful business or help create one.

Tried and Tested Green Business Ideas

Before you can really start your own eco-friendly business, it helps to collect some green business ideas that are proven to work. This will get you on the right path to picking the right idea for you.

Here are 15 environmentally friendly business ideas that really work:

  1. Create some type of green product, like organic clothing, green cleaners, organic soap or candles, or another more innovative product that solves a problem in a more eco-friendly way than alternative products

  2. Sell sustainable energy through solar panels, wind turbines, or other equipment that offers sustainable energy to homeowners

  3. Green construction and building

  4. Run a consignment shop to encourage others to recycle their used clothing, furniture, and other items

  5. Capitalize on the recycling revolution by offering to pick up large appliances and then turning them in for cash in the value of the metal.

  6. Green designer of anything you can think of, from interior design to landscaping

  7. Green dry cleaning, which avoids harsh chemicals and involves organic cleaning instead

  8. Green consultant, who helps businesses and homeowners find ways to make their lives more eco-friendly

  9. Creating jewelry from recycled materials

  10. Pest control expert who uses organic practices only

  11. A blogger who focuses on green lifestyles

  12. Almost anything to do with bicycles, like a cycling tour guide or bicycle repair or sales could be considered to be green

  13. Organic farming

  14. Green cleaning company

  15. Organic restaurant, café, or eatery

Virtually all business ideas can be made into green business ideas if you can find a way to put an eco-friendly slant to it.

Starting Your Own Eco-Friendly Business

After you have sifted through the many environmentally friendly business ideas that are floating around out there, it’s time to get moving on the idea you have chosen. Depending on the type of business you choose, some or all of these steps will need to be taken:

  1. Decide which of the many eco-friendly business ideas you’re going to pursue and then fully develop the idea. Depending on what your idea is, this could take a few or many steps.

  2. Once you’ve developed the idea, it’s time to test it and see if it really is a viable idea. Use the people you know as focus groups and try handing out a few free samples (not too many!) to find out if people like it. This will give you a chance to change it a bit before it hits the market. You can also run some tests online to get feedback from your target market. You can do this by simply setting up a simple website for this purpose.

  3. This feedback will give you a chance to improve on your new idea before it hits the market if you find out it has great potential. Otherwise cut your losses from the get-go, abandon it and find yourself a better business idea.

  4. Figure out how you’re going to market and sell your product or services. Once again, the best way to do this depends entirely on which one of the green business ideas you select.

  5. Add to your customer base and keep the business going. You’ll need to handle everything from accounting and payroll to the basic day-to-day operations of running the business.

Environmentally Friendly Business Ideas that Hit it Big

As with any other kind of business, it’s relatively easy to find green environmentally friendly business ideas that turned into excellent profits for those who acted on them. Here are some examples:

  • Comet Skateboards makes high performance skateboards using all sustainable parts.

  • Charcos makes coconut shell charcoal, a sustainable form of charcoal.
  • NaturaLawn of America provides green lawn care services.

  • Memorial Ecosystems was the first green cemetery.

  • Southwest Windpower designs and sells windturbines.

Most of these businesses were on Magazine’s list of the 50 top green businesses in recent years.  Can your green business ideas secure you a place on the list in a few years?


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