Green Energy Idea

by Josh
(St. Louis, MO)

The idea that came to mind as myself in an upstart entrepreneur position were grids of solar panels that would generate size-able amounts of free energy straight from the sun.

However, this idea can't start in the comforts of urban surroundings or even in suburban area. It has to happen in a remote, and rural area where a large, open space would be constantly shooting large UV rays down onto the panels. And these panels aren't just the tiny department store kind either, these panels would be sizable enough to resemble an average sized door.

It's been dismissed by skeptics that the money put into a project like this would not be profitable on an end result, but countries like Denmark and Germany have already proven that massive solar installations are effective, and damaging side effects like fossil fuel generated energy would not be an issue, as the only source of the energy is a naturally occurring everyday event, that many use to tan their own skin.

The push for this kind of project however, is still a tooth and nail fight to do. Many funding associates remain hesitant to the idea because it's still a low-used option, and above all else the amount of power plants already existing in the USA seem like a threatening thing to go against.

However, it's true our own culture is damaging the planet, and progressive-minded options to reduce the amount of poison and waste poured into our environment and our bodies should come first over the simply easier route that many power companies choose to rely on.

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