Home Business Reviews Guidelines

Reading home business reviews is a great way to sift through the new “opportunities” for home based businesses that are popping up almost everyday. After all, there are so many options that it seems nearly impossible to find one that’s not a scam.

And then there’s the issue of bad business ideas that are so new, and for which there are not yet any offline or online home business reviews posted. So how are you supposed to navigate these troubled waters? Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when reviewing new home business ideas and opportunities.

Home Business Reviews and Money Up Front Scams

If you read through several business reviews, you’ll see more than one common theme with scams: you’re required to pay money up front for “ideas” or information that will supposedly set you up for the perfect home based business.

You should never have to pay someone for ideas or information. If you really want to learn how to do something, it’s pretty easy to search the internet for the information.

The truth is that there is nothing proprietary about most of the home businesses that require a payment up front. Save your money and wait until you discover a genuine idea.

This is obvious of course, but it’s amazing how people tend to easily forget the obvious when presented with scams disguised as “profitable” businesses.

Work at Home Businesses - Uncover the Truth

Another common theme you will see when you read these business reviews for different home businesses is an epidemic of programs that do nothing but enable you to rip-off others into paying for information so that they can become a scammer just like you.

For example, one scheme has you posting up links all over the place promising people the opportunity to make money if they just send you money. After they send you money, you tell them how to post the same links up and promise others the same opportunity.

Con artists with such misleading business reviews mostly prey on people who lack business savvy, or just happen to be going through adverse life events that, more often, causes them to become susceptible to scams.

Reading Between the Lines

It’s important for you to realize that there are many phony business reviews out there. They are easy to spot because they push one particular business “opportunity” while attempting to explain why all other programs are bad.

Sites that appear to have quality assessments of home businesses, like citizencorps.com, show the good and bad sides of various offline and online business opportunities. In addition, these sites tend to cover higher quality home based businesses rather than the plethora of scams that are floating around.

Real Entrepreneurship Opportunities

The main thing you should understand is the fact that real business opportunities require dedication and work. There is no fast track to financial freedom and wealth.

In addition, getting into business isn’t free, but be careful what you pay for. Real opportunities may sometimes require an investment as well, but this investment does not usually go toward information. Sometimes the investment will pay to set up your website, to buy products to sell, or to use in demonstrations for potential customers.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that real business opportunities come from within. The work should be something you are passionate about. Spend some time reading home business reviews for companies you are thinking about signing up with. If they aren’t ideas you can get passionate about, find something else.


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