Home Made Food Delivery

by Anonymous

I had a small business named FoodGoodFood where home made food would be delivered to various educational institutions or corporate offices. The students or employees could have this food during their lunch breaks.

The home made food prepared by housewives or unmarried/unemployed ladies would then be delivered before an hour of the lunch break by specially appointed volunteers. This way, not only would it be easy for an educational institution or a corporate office to meet the food demands of its students or employees, but also hygienic and home made food can be made available to them without having to depend on the outside unhygienic food.

The organizations would provide an estimate of the total numbers of students or employees who would have food beforehand to the volunteers who would convey the information to the housewives or ladies and accordingly food would be cooked and simultaneously would be delivered on time. The food to be delivered would be of highest quality and cooked under hygienic conditions.

This is an indirect way for the housewives and ladies to earn few bucks for themselves and also utilize their cooking skills and leisure time. The food can also be delivered to different hostels as well.

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