HYIP Review:
Real or Just a Scam?


If you read almost any HYIP review, you’ll see warnings about scams. HYIP, which stands for high yield investment program, promises to make you a 45 percent return or even more on your investment per month. And what makes the problem even worse is the fact that they tell you almost nothing about how they will earn you money.

Of course if it sounds too good to be true, unfortunately it is, and such is the case with most HYIP programs.


HYIP Review: Scam or Legitimate?


The problem with HYIPs is that you just don’t know which ones are scams. The majority of them are. You might try reading a HYIP forum or checking a HYIP monitor, but even there you don’t know how reliable the information is.

Sites like HYIP.com and HYIP Navigator seem to provide real HYIP ratings from investors, but it’s up to you to decide if the high yield investment program reviews on that site seem legit and whether you’re willing to take the risk that it’s a scam.

There have been numerous reports of HYIP managers who have done nothing but scammed people. They claim that with your money, making money is easy. They’ve got a nice HYIP script that will fool you completely. Many of these programs have been shut down.

Solidinvestment, PIPS, and OSGold are just three examples of HYIPs that have been shut down. A lawsuit filed in 2005 shows that OSGold probably stole $250 million from people. PIPS scammed people in 20 different countries, and the operator and his wife faced 97 counts of money laundering charges in Malaysia when it was shut down.

Solidinvestment was shut down in 2008 after a four-year investigation that resulted in its directors pleading guilty to money laundering charges.

The Good and the Bad of HYIP Programs


So is there anything good we can say about HYIP programs? If you can find one that’s real, then it is an easy way to invest and make money. Just make sure that you check the HYIP ranking of any site you are thinking about doing business with.  And beware that you may not ever get your money back.

The Risks of HYIP Programs


Of course the number one risk associated with investing with a HYIP program is simply losing your money. And then depending on how deep you get into the program, you could face criminal charges because such programs usually operate in a way that is not legal.

If you are implicated as an operator of a HYIP program, you could get into serious legal trouble. 

So read HYIP reviews carefully before investing in any of them.


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