iPhone App Development Cost

The iPhone app development cost is a very important aspect of the entire iPhone development process.  But first, it is worth mentioning a few things about the IOS. 

IOS, the iPhone operating system, is a system mainly made and supplied by Apple Company. It supports many Apple devices like the iPad and iPad mini. Presently, IOS applications are diverse and can be easily accessed through the Apple apps store.


The iPhone App Development Cost 

The following are some guidelines towards estimating the cost of developing an iPhone App:

Hiring a developer: Software developers vary in terms of payment rates. E.g. Freelance developer may cost up to $200/day while a reputable company that specializes in such work may cost up to $600/day. However, cheaper developers may lack the required skills, and therefore, take more time creating the software and eventually more money will be wasted.


Type of App to be developed: Each App may cost differently based on the complexity of their development. Example, simple Apps cost between 1000-5000 US Dollars, database Apps 5000-30,000 Dollars, Multi featured Apps 30,000 and beyond, Game Apps will cost from 5,000- 200,000 Dollars and more.


Time taken for software creation: Simple Apps may take less time while complex Apps take several months to complete. It is recommended to work with a company that can assign at least 2 or 3 programmers to work on complex Apps.


Additional Costs: Can vary greatly depending on the type of the app and the desired final product. 


The process of Producing an App - Outsourcing

Producing an App is a very complex process especially for big Apps.  Therefore, many organizations as well as individual app developers prefer using outsourcing services for Apps Development. There are 3 critical considerations to be kept in mind when one opts for such services:

Communication: There should be frequent and systematic communication between the developers and the owners.

Skills: The designers should be known for their expertise in Apps Development with good and successful track records of their previous work.

Resources: The developer hired should possess the required resources needed for the successful creation of the App. Additionally, the designers should be flexible and have time for the owner.

App Building Software

Not everyone will opt for the outsourcing services as some will prefer using the building software for the Apps. There are several Do-it-Yourself (DIY) mobile Apps including:

• Appy pie: It is the most famous for making mobile Apps for any platform like iOS.

• Appmakr: It is known for creation of Native Apps for iOS and coding is not required.

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