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Contrary to popular belief it is actually possible to make money online. In fact, there are plenty of people who have started a decent income stream with their ideas for a home business. On this page I want to share with you a couple of the most popular free home based business opportunities out there as well as a few which will cost you a marginal amount of money. This is not a complete list. However, the ideas here will certainly get your brain 'ticking'.

Act as an Affiliate

I am going to kick-start this list of ideas for home business by talking a little bit about running your own website. Yes, this is going to cost you a small investment to get going initially. However, if you do it properly then you will make that money back many times over. This idea involves you setting up your own informational website (it can be on just about anything that you want!). With your website up and running you will be able to do a few things right away to generate some initial income.  

For example, you will be able to act as an affiliate and push other people's products (both digital and physical). You will be able to earn a commission on these products. If your website gets large enough you will be able to even offer advertising space for a good amount of money. The possibilities are quite endless. In fact, this is one of the most popular ideas for a simple home business out there. Most people make good and steady income from it to not look into any other options.

Work as a Writer

Fancy yourself as a bit of a writer? Well, you are going to just love the 'eBook revolution'. If you have a knack for writing, or perhaps you know a subject in-depth you will be able to sell your book through sites such as Amazon. It is worth noting that a lot of work will need to go into the creation of the book. The type of topics you can write about are endless, but you’ll be better off choosing a topic you’re personally interested in and know enough about to offer information of value to others. 

Choosing the right niche (a niche that has a good market) is very essential to make a decent income selling eBooks as an idea for home business.  In addition to that, learning about marketing online is a skill that will certainly help you reach your goal of generating a decent income stream. 

If online marketing is not something you’re good at or interested in learning, then you should hire someone to help you with this step.  Using services like eLance, or Freelancer, you will be able to outsource such a task for minimal cost

As a writer, your main investment is your time.  You can even get help writing your eBook, if you have great information to write about, but you’re not necessarily good at writing.    


Open Your Own eCommerce Store

The final idea for a home business I want to share with you here is opening up your own online eCommerce store. This will involve you finding a product (a niche) that has a market.  A market big enough to make it worth your time, effort, and initial investment.  Using a platform such as Shopify can greatly help you get started and on your way to selling almost any product you can think of in a matter of weeks if you you’re serious about it and put in the effort necessary.  There is a minimal monthly fee to get set up with such a service and launch your online store.

These are of course just a few introductory ideas for a home business. I am sure that if none of the things that I have mentioned above tickle your fancy you will find plenty of other ideas in this site. This page was more crafted in such a way to let you know that it actually is possible to make money online. In fact, plenty of people out there have come up with their own online home based business ideas and are making money with them right now. If you want to make money then you really need to take action as soon as you can.

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