A List of Small Business Ideas
Online and Off

Are you looking for a list of small business ideas so that you can get an idea about what type of business is right for you? If so, then you probably know that good small business ideas can be hard to come by.

The best small business ideas are those that are realistically achievable for you. Of course you’ve got to come up with them first. Here are six online business ideas and six offline business ideas to help you get those creative juices flowing.

A List of Small Business Ideas Online


Let’s start with six of the top small business ideas for those who want to run an online operation:

  1. Freelancing – One of the easiest ways to make money online is by offering your services on a freelance basis. Writing, editing, graphic or website design, or almost anything else can be offered freelance. There are even freelance offers for engineers, lawyers, and other professions you don’t typically think of as traditional freelancing jobs.

  2. E-commerce – You could purchase an already-successful e-commerce site or build your own site selling almost anything. You could also sign up as an affiliate to sell products through your own portal without even having to touch a box or packing tape.

  3. Data entry – If you can type accurately at a fast rate, then this may be one of the best options on this list of small business ideas. Just beware of scams and avoid companies that require you to sign up for direct deposit or that require you to pay them in order to start working.

  4. Virtual assistant – You might look into starting a virtual assisting business if you’re great at organizing other people’s schedules and helping them stay on track.

  5. Researcher – Some people have a knack for locating information, whether it’s online or in a real world library. If this is you, then you should think about starting a small research firm and offering services to grant writers, non-profits, hospitals, and other institutions.

  6. Social media – You may realize that one of the many hot business ideas that have become more popular is social media. Everyone wants to know how to unlock the power of social media for their business. If you can hone your skills in this area, you’ll become a hot commodity.



A List of Small Business Ideas Offline

Now let’s look at some of the great startup business ideas for those not wanting to run an online business:

  1. Hair stylist – You could start your own business styling hair if you know what you’re doing with a hair dryer and brush. This is a talent people will envy.

  2. Day care operator – You could become one of the many who find success as a home day care operator. Check into local requirements for home daycares first, but they are usually more lenient than the guidelines for large daycares.

  3. Book keeping – Every individual and business needs an accountant at least one time a year. Start by offering seasonal tax help and build your business from there.

  4. Fitness trainer – You don’t necessarily need to have a gym in order to be a fitness trainer. Speak to someone at your local community center to find out if they need a fitness trainer or meet your clients at the local YMCA and require them to have a membership there.

  5. Computer repair – If you have a gift for figuring out what’s wrong with a computer, then maybe you should start a repair business. Let the people you know advertise your services after you fix their computer.

  6. Cleaning – If you ask around, you’ll discover that many people just don’t have time to keep up with their cleaning. You’d be surprised how much money you can make doing this for people.

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