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These days it is very easy to make business cards online – gone are the days of going to the local print shop to get business cards printed up. Free online business cards can be found at a variety of different online sources.

There are literally thousands of different business card design ideas to make unique, eye catching business cards that stand out. It is possible to make and design business cards online for free, which is what many people do.

Of course, for a price, you can always enlist the help of a “professional” business card designer if you really need help coming up with even more business card ideas and designs.


How to Make Business Cards Online


There are multiple websites that offer the possibility for you to make business cards online for free. One such website is Business Card Land ( With this website you complete a form which makes sure that you capture all of the information needed for your business card. Then you select the free template design that you want to use and the colors that are most appropriate. Once all this is done, the tool puts the business card together and you can print them to PDF. You can then print them out at home, or take them to a print shop to get it done.

Business Card Star ( is another such site that offers these same services, and there are a lot of different designs to choose from.

You can also use these websites and order printed cards to be delivered. This has a price tag associated with it, but it is relatively inexpensive, compared to going to a designer and getting cards custom made.

If you prefer to have completely custom made business cards you could try using an online service like Freelancer. Here, you can post a job to attract designers that specialize in this kind of work and designers will bid on doing the job for you. You get to select from many proposed designs, and you only pay for the one you like. This might sound complicated to some, but it is so easy to do you can post a job in a few minutes, and get all the responses you can handles in less than an hour.

If you are tight for time, or are just not the creative type, then this kind of service is certainly worth the small fee you pay for it. The designers will work with you to understand your needs and present business card ideas to you. They will have a lot of business card design ideas and can help you to come up with something that is ideally suited to your business.


Everyone Should Have a Business Card


It is so easy to make business cards online that everyone should have business cards these days. There are so many different uses for business cards. You can give them to people that you network with and you can also use them for advertising on social media sites and outlets.

Whether you have an online business or a traditional bricks and mortar business, a well designed business card with your website address and whatever information you deem important placed on it is essential to your business networking success.  Also, not having a business card in that critical moment of exchanging details will often make you look unprofessional.

It is so cheap and easy to make business cards online that you will be missing out on great business leads for not using this simple marketing tool.  


Starting Your Own Business Making Business Cards Online


If you are the creative type, or you simply like creating new designs, then you can certainly start a business making business cards online.  Starting your own business, however, goes beyond just building a website.  You need to learn a few things about marketing your services (business card design services) for free or at a very minimal cost. 

Your website needs to be able to present business card ideas and show the user in a very simple and easy to use format how to put together a business card design online.

You will need to create the designs yourself, or have someone else translate your business card design ideas into actual designs and produce templates for you. Your website will need to have the ability to take the data that is input by the user, as well as their selected template and produce printable business cards. This might be very challenging if you’re not a techie, but you will be surprised to know that there are ways to get the help you need to build this type of online business.  

You can outsource all of this work which means with a small cash start up amount this type of business is quite easy to set up and run almost on autopilot.  You want to see samples of such simple but yet successful online businesses, check out Business Card Land and Business Card Star mentioned above.


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