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You can certainly make money blogging if you’re passionate about a subject, which you know could add value to others.  You need to learn a few strategies about this type of online business, such as the different platforms you can use for blogging, online marketing, and some basic business fundamentals.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Choose a Niche

If e-commerce isn’t your thing, then maybe the online business opportunities you are thinking about fall more into the line of blogging.  You can actually make money by blogging about various topics.

Before choosing a topic for your blog, it’s important to do some research on a few niches that interest you.  Some niches will be more profitable than others.  You don’t want to go too broad or too narrow with your niche.  Once you have a good idea in mind you must study your market.  Do not go any further until you make certain that there is a market for your niche of choice.  Also you have to consider how much competition exists in that niche. 

If there’s no way your blog can overtake one of the blogs that’s on the first page of Google search results, it’s probably a good idea to choose a different niche that’s popular but also lacking quality content.  If you can fill a need with your writing, then you’ll be rewarded with high traffic, which is the lifeblood of any online business.

How to Make Money Blogging


There are two basic ways to make money while blogging.  The easiest way is to simply monetize it by selling ad space.  Signing up to have Google AdWords ads placed on your site is a fast, easy way to get started with monetization.

The other way is to offer affiliate products for sale on your blog.  These products are designed to be sold by third parties, who receive a commission when they sign up to sell them on their blog.

Some examples of profitable bloggers who aren’t afraid to publish their earnings are Tim Ferriss from the 4 Hour Work Week, and Ana Hoffman from Traffic Generation Café.

Other Ways to Make Money at Home


No article about online business opportunities would be complete without recognizing the freelance world’s contribution.  You can get customers online for virtually any skill you have, whether it’s writing, building websites, or running a social media business.

For just a small taste of the freelance world, try offering just one or two services on sites like

Smart entrepreneurs spot potential online business opportunities, make them work, and turn them into successes.  Are you ready to grab hold of the opportunity that’s knocking?



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