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Separate the Wheat from the Chaff


Over the years many make money forums have sprung up across the web. On first sight it can be difficult to know which offer value and which have nothing useful to add. However, if you want to know how to make money online it is helpful to peruse these forums to learn from people who have experimented with different methods.

When asking yourself, “Can I make money online?” learning from people who have made mistakes is just as useful as knowing about the winning solutions. For those that want to make extra money online these forums are a great place to start.


The Best Make Money Forums Out There


There are a lot of different money making forums on the web. Here are some of the best to get you started:


Money Maker Group – money maker group has very frequent contributors from all over the world. It has a large user base and an active community. You can gain a lot of knowledge from this buzzing forum. This forum is particularly highly rated.

Dream Team Money – this forum is dynamic and includes input from specialists, as well as regular folks that have tried and tested different ways to make money. The fact that it draws opinions from experts makes it particularly helpful.

Pinoy Money Talk – this forum focuses on ways that you can make money online, rather than ways to make money both online and offline. It is a useful source of information.

Money Fan Club – another forum that places emphasis on making money online that has a lot of good advice and active users.

Why Use Make Money Forums?


Money making forums may seem like a waste of time, but actually for aspiring entrepreneurs they can be a real goldmine. They contain a lot of information about the best strategies to make money online.  Even anyone that just wants to make extra money online has something to gain from using such forums.

Asking questions in these forums can help keep you from making an expensive mistake that someone else already made. Reading other questions and answers can help protect you from the scams out there. You just never know when you will come across that gem of an idea that could truly help you with your business venture.   

Creating Your Own Make Money Forum


You might consider setting up a make money forum as a business idea of your own. There are already plenty of useful examples to follow – companies that have been highly successful, such as those reviewed above.

One of the essential steps in starting any forum is making sure that you have a critical mass of users. If people are posting questions and no one is answering them then people will find the forum pretty unhelpful and they won’t use it.

Initially, especially if you’re bootstrapping it, you may want to use creative ways of marketing your forum to gain some momentum.  You have to have some people interested in your topic of choice to post questions and answers on your forum.  Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, could be very useful in such endeavor. 

Some start ups hire people to “seed” their forum initially to get the ball rolling.  That means paying people to post useful questions and answers while you market the forum to find genuine users. 

The bottom line is if you really are passionate about a subject and you believe you can offer something of value to others using a forum, then you can certainly create a successful online business around your passion.   



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