Building a Successful Microbusiness


Amicrobusiness is usually defined as one which has less than five employees. Among those employees most, if not all, will be self employed. These types of businesses are sometimes known as “micro enterprise”.  These micro enterprises typically do not have loans to get started.

A small business on the other hand is a business that is usually considered to be comprised of between five and nineteen employees. If a person is eager to start a business but would prefer to test the water first, a micro business can be a good way to go. 


Steps to Build a Microbusiness


To get a microbusiness started you first need to have an idea. You can brainstorm ideas until you come up with the best one that fits your objectives, personal goals, and abilities. You can also search online to get ideas based on what other successful micro-business owners have done.

One simple way to get your creative juices going would be to check for what people are talking about, or interested in buying.  And see if any of those ideas match your interests.  You have to make sure there is a market for your product or service before you get underway.

Then you can set up an email and a website – this can be done using Wordpress which is free – to get started. You do not need to get too fancy in the beginning.  Keep it simple.  Of course, advertising will be necessary to attract customers to your micro business and this can be done very cheaply or for free using social media marketing such as Twitter or Facebook marketing.  

Microbusiness Ideas to Get Started


There are perhaps thousands of micro business ideas that you can use to get started. Here are just a few of them:

Proofreader – you can offer a micro business proofreading perhaps for students with their dissertations or for businesses with their websites.

Brokerage – you can help someone by selling something for them– perhaps their car or their house or even much smaller items they have no need for and would be happy to get rid of. You get commission on the sale. You then expand this business. 

Babysitting – this micro-business takes care of children while parents are busy or when they have to go out. By adding other babysitters to your micro business you can build up the business size.



Pet taxi – people with pets don’t always have cars to transport them to the vet or to dog walking classes or to the salon. You can offer a pet taxi by using your car to transport the pet.

Online design – if you have design skills you can offer them online to people through designing logos, business cards or other materials for them.

Create iPhone apps – if you are technically adept and can learn how to create iPhone apps you can do this for other people – many businesses want iPhone apps but have no idea where to start.

It’s not too difficult to set up an online store on eBay or Shopify to start running any of these businesses.  Even if you’re going to be providing a service and not an actual product, a platform such as SBI! (Site Build It) would be a great place to start.  You will be doing people a great service, since most people don’t have the time or the know how to do these things.   

Successful Micro Businesses


A great many highly successful microbusiness companies have been set up that started out with almost no money. One example is the owner of Mattress Lot. The company was started when the owner got laid off from his job and was offered some free unwanted mattresses from his friend. While he had no knowledge of the industry he has been able to build his mattress sales company up into a business that brings in $1 million in revenues.

Another entrepreneur (Nick Gatens) started a website to sell his own photographs by using WordPress and this has grown to a six figure business. Both of these micro businesses were started on less than $100 which just goes to show how little money you need to get going.


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