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Mobile app development is an industry that is experiencing incredible growth. Understanding the steps needed to get into the mobile app business is important in achieving success. Savvy mobile app developers know that a great idea is essential to achieving high revenues, but it is also about choosing an effective business model.  Development of apps has to be quick to be the first mover in the market and have the greatest chance of success in this new industry.

Starting a mobile apps business is not an opportunity limited to mobile developers. The mobile app development is growing fast, and anyone with great entrepreneurial skills, and critically, an eye for an idea that will make a great app can be successful in this industry.

Mobile App Development  - First Things First

Building a successful mobile application development business requires a few key steps to be followed. First, the eager entrant should consider what his or her role should be. Are you going to be the only person working in your business? In this case you will have to come up with the ideas, develop the applications, get them accepted by Android and/or Apple, and market them? This is by far the most difficult and work intensive way of getting into this business and being successful at it.

Or are you going to be the person who simply sells the ideas of others? In this case you will need to find Apple developers who develop iPhone apps and Android developers who develop Android apps and establish your business as an apps’ seller.  This route of course might be easier for you to follow, but it has its own set of challenges, the most important of which is your ability to sell these types of products, especially online. 

A more efficient and entrepreneurial way of approaching this whole business is for you to consider outsourcing the app development work and other aspects of the business, and focus on managing your projects and building your business this way.  With the tools and services available these days online such as Evenote, Elance, DropBox, you can do almost anything with some creativity, and hard work. 

Of course, you will need some initial capital to hire a few freelancers, etc.  But even that could be overcome if you’re good at forging good partnerships with others who have the skills you’re looking for or the capital you need.    


The "Rovio" Success Story

Rovio is a company that has achieved great successes in the mobile app development business. The company developed Angry Birds in 2009, a smartphone game that has become a worldwide hit. The company has expanded this game since, across many platforms such as Facebook and broadcast media.

The success of Rovio in this market has been tied to its use of placing advertising within the game, rather than charging for its use. The game was also designed for frequent play to attract lots of use, boosting its revenues. All of these activities could be mimicked by others that wish to succeed in mobile app development, though a great idea for an app is essential at the outset.

What are Your Time and Money Investments to Develop a Mobile App?

One question on the tip of most mobile application developers’ lips is: How long does it usually take to develop a successful mobile app from idea to market? This is a bit like asking how long a piece of string is – obviously the length of time needed for mobile app development varies from app to app. However, highly successful app business entrepreneur, Chad Mureta states that it usually takes between two weeks to two months to build a successful app.

There is a balance between getting a good quality application onto the market and being the first mover in developing a particular type of app. The longer it takes to get to market, the higher the chance of someone else getting there first with an app that does the same things.

On average two thousand to fifteen thousand US dollars is very realistic to develop a “good” app considering that you have done your market research for your idea and observed basic business principles. 

Do You Have What it Takes?

Mobile app development is an area of extremely high growth, and driving success in this industry requires a great idea, talented developers and a lot of hard work. Deciding on how to monetize the app is a key business decision that must be undertaken to be successful in the mobile apps business.

Developing great mobile apps requires speed and a variety of different skills. A mobile developer can go it alone, or work with a partner who is good at marketing and getting an app out there in front of the target audience.

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