Mobile Business Ideas:
Taking Your Business on the Road


Mobile business ideas are making creative entrepreneurs piles of cash. This did not happen by chance. More and more people all over the country are looking for mobile solutions to their problems.

So how can you come up with small business ideas that will earn you great money while providing a mobile solution to a problem? Let’s start by looking at some mobile business ideas that actually work.

10 Mobile Business Ideas that Really Work

Here are some ideas for mobile businesses to help get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Mobile application development – create an app that will help people with a problem while they’re on the go.

  2. Catering – Bring your excellent dishes to customers at parties and other gatherings.

  3. Professional decorator or interior designer – You could roll both of these services up into one. Some people may need the services of an interior designer, while others just want someone to put up their holiday decorations at various times of the year.

  4. Transportation services – You could consider specializing in one area, like offering services for seniors who need to go places and don’t want to or aren’t able to drive themselves.

  5. Electronics services – Design, build, install, and repair custom electronics systems.

  6. Appliance repair – When people want a large appliance repaired, they certainly don’t want to have to take it someplace to have it serviced.

  7. Food truck – These mobile eateries are becoming more and more popular all over the country.

  8. Auto detailing – Instead of requiring people to bring their cars to you, you could go to them and take care of their auto detailing. You may even consider other car maintenance services like oil changes, etc.

  9. Trainer – Market your services to various companies to train their employees in an area you specialize in. Sales is especially popular in this area.

  10. Grocery shopping – more and more people are in need of this type of service, and would pay handsomely to have someone take care of their groceries or run other types of errands for them.

Starting and Running Your Mobile Business


Now that you’ve got some mobile business concepts kicking around in your head, it’s time to pick an idea and run with it. Of course the exact steps you will need to take in order to be successful will vary greatly, depending on which mobile business idea you run with. But here is a general guideline to follow.

1. Make a list of everything you need to get started running your business, including everything from purchasing or leasing a vehicle to buying supplies for your business.

2. Determine how much money you will need up front and figure out how to secure funding. Write a business plan if you need to seek outside investments. A business plan that is well-written could get you venture capital, or a good business loan that will help you on your way. If you do your due diligence, you won’t have to resort to applying for or worrying about interest-bearing loans. For help on how to do this, speak with a representative from your local Small Business Administration office.

3. Figure out who your target customers are and determine the best way to market your business to them. This step really depends on the type of mobile business ideas you choose. Look into the specifics of the area you’re going into to learn more about how successful businesses that are similar to the one you’re starting are able to find their customers.

4. Don’t forget that marketing your business is a continual process. You’ll always need to find more and more customers. As your business grows, you can look for ways to handle some of the more basic tasks like payroll and book keeping. You might want to consider outsourcing these tasks so that you can focus more on the things you excel at.

There are plenty of mobile business ideas to choose from, and the same idea won’t work for everyone. But a smart entrepreneur knows a great idea when he or she sees it and is able to put it into action.

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