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A whole industry of mobile developers has sprung up seemingly overnight. Mobile application development requires very specific skills and if these are combined with entrepreneurial talent then the result could mean a very successful mobile app business.

These developers may also work with others who help market their apps. Successful mobile app developers can make millions, but yet others make apps that flop. It is explained below what mobile developers are and how they can drive their own success in this flourishing industry.


Mobile Developers and Tech Jargon


Mobile developers create mobile apps for use on smartphones and other mobile devices. Successful developers will have mastered skills in Java ME, as well as the Symbian platform.

Since mobile application development is increasingly being performed for the Android mobile development platform, having the ability to develop using this technology is also critical. The programming for this platform is usually carried out using Java, so developers must be adept in this language.

To develop an iPhone application, the developer should also be able to program using iOS, which uses Objective-C, which has its foundations in the C programming language.


You’re a Mobile App Developer – How do You Start Your Own Business?


Being in the mobile apps business is not just about developing apps. It is also necessary to be able to come up with great ideas and to be able to market those ideas to others. Often mobile app developers will have the technical skills to succeed but will lack the entrepreneurial skills to sell the apps that they have developed.

If app developers know that they are lacking marketing and sales skills then they may be best advised to find a partner who is good at coming up with great ideas and excellent at marketing. The downside of this approach is these developers will have to share revenues with their partner. Of course, without the partner they may not have any revenues at all to share, so developing a partnership can often be helpful.

Tim Ferriss and Kevin Rose are good examples of entrepreneurs who make a good use of this skill and are able to forge great partnerships to get businesses started. 


Do Your Market Research


Mobile apps developers need to understand what apps are already on the market before they go ahead and develop a new app. They can either develop something entirely new, based on a gap in the market, or develop an app that does an existing job better for end users.

Understanding the apps business is essential to success.  Researching the market is probably the most important task a hopeful app development entrepreneur could perform in the early stages of their business venture. 

App developers also need to learn the programming languages of the app development platforms to be able to produce useful or fun applications for users. They must realize that the process of becoming successful in this industry will not be a rapid one if they do not have the programming skills.  Time will be required to learn these languages, unless they have can afford to hire developers to take on these important tasks of building their business. It could cost between a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars to develop a mobile app.


A Success Story


Richard Harris is a mobile app developer who has achieved great success with Moonbeam Development. The company has developed a lot of very popular apps, such as Useless Facts for Android. Harris argues a strong case for mobile apps developers marketing their applications to get customers interested.

This high achieving mobile developer has focused on developing apps that he himself would have found useful in an attempt to appeal to others, and it has been a big success to date.

Do You Have What it Takes to Be Successful in the App Business?


Would be mobile app developers need to know that breaking into this business requires not just learning programming languages, but also being able to develop other entrepreneurial skills. If skills like marketing and idea forming are not part of a mobile developer’s repertoire then he or she needs to work to create partnerships to support those skills.

A great deal of research is required to come up with a successful app, and the job is not just about coding. Versatile mobile developers will learn to develop across different mobile development platforms for the greatest chances of success.



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