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Mobile marketing business is when products or services are marketed via the use of cell phones or mobile devices in general. It is a business that is specifically designed and set up to help other organizations carry out this critical task.

Such a business can offer marketing via mobile such as text, mobile apps, developing websites that work on mobile, or other types of marketing strategies. The concept of mobile marketing is quite new and there is plenty of scope for growth in this field. Understanding potential areas for development is essential to success however.


Mobile Marketing Business Opportunities

There are many different types of opportunities available in the mobile marketing business industry. And the fact that mobile marketing is relatively new means that there are lots of opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs to succeed.  One possibility is the marketing of mobile apps to target users. Another is helping with small business marketing. A third is coming up with online business ideas for mobile marketing for businesses.

Developing mobile content is another opportunity. Because mobile marketing is so new there is a wealth of opportunities available.  Due to huge growth, the needs of businesses with regard to mobile marketing are not currently being completely met.


Mobile Marketing – Lots of Room for Growth


Mobile marketing is similar to any other kind of marketing.  Having an understanding of basic marketing concepts such as brand, segmentation and how to target a market successfully are all useful for success with this type of business opportunity.  At the same time mobile marketing is a new genre of marketing for which new skills are required.

The types of marketing that work for online marketing will only be partially applicable to this new marketing channel, and new ideas are needed for success. Because it is a new industry based on new technology, there is a great opportunity to be innovative and create a mobile marketing business that is both profitable and scalable.


What Does Google Say about Mobile Marketing


It has been estimated that by the end of 2012 the number of mobile web users was 975 million. This demonstrates just how large the market is for mobile marketing. Indeed, it is thought that the mobile market is three times the size of the Internet. This means that most every business has to consider mobile marketing.

Small business marketing could be one opportunity as companies struggle to get to grips with what they need to do to be successful in this area. Google carried out a study that found that 75% of those that visited a mobile friendly website would go back to it another time, but 79% that found a site awkward to use on their cell phone would not return to that website. This demonstrates a clear opportunity to provide a service helping companies to convert their websites for mobile.

Tips for Achieving Success in Mobile Marketing 

Achieving success in the business of mobile marketing includes learning the marketing basics such as positioning, as well as reviewing the success stories in this area to see what can be learned from them.

Resolution Media is a good example of a successful mobile marketing business.  It offers a range of different mobile marketing services, such as: 

  • Mobile advertising
  • Couponing
  • Mobile content
  • Mobile search engine optimization
  • Quick response codes, and
  • Social local mobile marketing

In building its success the company has developed mobile marketing competences and hired people who have innovative ideas in this area. It has thought about what businesses might need for successful mobile marketing and has built up a range of options for businesses to purchase.

With mobile marketing business only likely to grow, opportunities are boundless, and with the right idea, an entrepreneur can be successful in this relatively new and continually evolving industry.


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