The Mompreneurs’ Revolution:
Secrets to Success

Today more and more moms are joining the workforce, although not in the traditional sense. This generation of women is ushering in a whole need breed of women in business: the mompreneur.

So how do these moms manage to earn income from home while also running a household? It’s not as difficult as it sounds, but it does take some work.

Examples of Stay at Home Mom Businesses

First it’s helpful to think of some great examples of a home based business for moms. What types of businesses do other mothers start? This will give you a clue about which direction you might want to move into.

One simple small business idea for any woman is to go into the freelance sector. The list of jobs you could do is practically endless. Just look at your strengths and use that to determine the best type of work.

Are you a great writer? Do you have an artistic bent? Are you very organized? Do you like to crunch numbers? Almost any skill can be turned into a freelance career if you look for ways to do it.

Starting a business can also be about coming up with something that fills a need. One great example of this is Dr. Amy Baxter, the mompreneur / inventor of Buzzy, which is a device that reduces the pain associated with receiving a shot. She designed it for children and turned it into a massive business.

In order to fill a need, you don’t necessarily have to invent something. It could be as simple as looking around your neighborhood to see what’s missing. Do people need a dog walker? Do you have a lot of seniors who need help with errands?

Becoming a Mompreneur

Becoming a mompreneur starts with finding an idea that will make you money, and the answer certainly isn’t the same for all women. But the key to real success is finding something that not only makes you money but also fits into your lifestyle.

Consider the other responsibilities that you have first, and then look for a way to fill a need that’s not being met. There’s no need to put extra stress on yourself by attempting to start a business that will keep you from the other things you need to do, and the things you love to do.

Mompreneurs and The Balancing Act

One of the greatest challenges you will meet as a mompreneur is simply trying to balance your time between family and business. It’s important to have priorities, but don’t give up on starting a home business just because you have a family.

Any mom can find a business that works for her with a little bit of intuition and planning.

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