Online Business Advertising:
Maximize Your ROI


Like other forms of advertising, online business advertising requires an investment, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll see favorable returns. You’ve got to be smart about advertising your business.  These tips will help you figure out how to promote your business wisely online.

Traditional Online Business Advertising

Traditional online business advertising is pretty much like any other kind of advertising.  You throw up an ad somewhere and hope someone who cares will actually see it.  However, unlike traditional advertising, you have more control over where your ads go.  If you customize your campaign correctly, you should be able to zone in on your target customer and increase the likelihood of receiving traffic or a purchase from your ads.

Successful business marketing starts with determining who is most likely going to buy your product.  You must create a profile of the person who would buy your product or service all the time.  In fact, you may have already done this in the early stages of your business planning.

This includes age, demographic information, geographic location, and details about the type of work they do and the type of family life they have.  You can also include other information that you find to be relevant when creating your customer profile. 

Next you can use that information to plan your campaigns.  Consider signing up for a pay per click campaign through a major company Google AdWords, IntecPPC, Wordtracker, or Wordstream. Do some research to find out which search terms your target customers use when searching for the type of product or service you offer. 

Then set your budget according to how much your maximum investment is per day.  Your ads will turn off if you reach the highest amount you want to spend in advertising dollars for the day so you never go over budget.


Facebook and Twitter Marketing

Advertising an online business should also take place in the social media sphere.  Facebook and Twitter are both excellent vehicles for advertising.  Facebook has been ramping up efforts to haul in the advertisers, so you might try a paid campaign with them. 

Marketing an online business through Facebook and Twitter also requires you to update your blog regularly.  Then you can post links to your blog on both sites. 

LinkedIn is a great place to post your updates as well.  This will get the word out about your business.


Online Business - Local Advertising


Small business online advertising should also utilize local SEO options.  More than ever before, people are going online to find businesses that are close to them. 

Create pages on your site that feature the names of towns around you and link the town names with the keywords you researched and spent money on in your pay per click campaign.  This is a great way to make your online business advertising campaign even more personal for those who live nearby. 


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