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They say when opportunity knocks, you’d better answer, but are you answering any of the online business opportunities that are available?  Many people have no idea just how many different ways they can build a small business online. 

But there are great business opportunities online that are fit for almost anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur.  Here are some of the most popular online business systems to get you started.


Online Business Opportunities in Retail

Let’s start with some of the more obvious online business opportunities.  Many people think of the internet as the world’s largest shopping mall, and in some ways, that’s certainly true.  In fact, it’s not as difficult to become an online store owner as you might think, and there are several different ways you can take advantage of the numerous retail business opportunities that are available online.

You’ll need to start by considering what type of online retail business opportunities you want to get involved with.  For example, if you make small crafts like afghans, ornaments, hair bows, or other handmade items, you might want to think about setting up a store on Etsy.

You could also go the route most people think of when they imagine online stores: by creating your own website.  Of course you will need a designer and some help getting it set up.  But if you have a unique business model that starts getting attention, you could be on your way to success of Amazon proportions!


Your Own Online Store


If you do decide to create a website and build your own store, then you’ll need to find a quality e-commerce web site hosting service. Shopify is one example of a trusted site many small online retailers use to host their site.  Inmotion Hosting won Web Hosting Geeks’ award for best e-commerce web hosting provider. Another possibility you might consider is Volusion.  But by far, Solo Build It! is probably the best online system available today to build and run an online business.     

But no matter which e-commerce web hosting service you choose, make sure it’s one that’s level 1 PCI compliant, which is a certification that comes from the credit card industry.  This certification is essential because it means that customers can shop on your site safely without worrying about having their credit card information stolen.

EBay stores are also a great way to take advantage of online business opportunities in retail. You basically choose a subscription package for up to a few hundred dollars per month for various features. On top of the monthly fee, you pay a few cents for inserting items into your store.  You can sell almost anything you want to sell through your eBay store.

Blogging is another online opportunity you could consider.  Read on…




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