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You can fill out online surveys for money as an easy way to earn some extra cash or even make a significant income.  Many companies want market research completed, and will often pay to make sure that they get surveys completed.

To make money from this opportunity you need to join online survey websites and enter demographic information about yourself, such as your age, income and gender. When the online survey website has a survey that they are looking for information from people like you, they will email you the survey to complete. You complete it and you get paid for it; it’s as simple as that.

If you join enough of these websites and are careful to avoid scams then it is possible to make a decent income this way. You can even turn this “online job” into an “online business” if you can figure out a good way to scale it.

As far as starting an online business goes, this is a good way to begin without any initial capital investment on your part. 


Potential Income from Online Surveys

The money that can be made from online surveys is directly related to the amount of time that you have available to you to spend completing them. Each survey will likely take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Assuming that each survey takes on average 20 minutes, and each survey pays approximately $5, you can make $15 per hour. Some online surveys for money pay a lot more, while others may only pay $1 or $2.

If you can commit to 40 hours in a month then you could bring in $600 by completing online surveys, based on these figures. You are not going to get rich quick, but this can be a nice steady extra income to top up other earnings. The more time that you can commit and the more time spent seeking out genuine online surveys to complete, the greater the income that you will make.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Surveys

One of the advantages of virtual jobs like this is that you can complete online surveys for money whenever you want. It is easy money because all you have to do is fill in a form and let the company that has submitted the online survey to you know your preferences in this way. You are not tied to your computer during set hours that are predefined. It falls into the category of great business ideas and no experience is needed. However, a disadvantage is that depending on your demographics there might not be that many surveys for you to complete. The income is unreliable since making money does all depend entirely on when your services are needed.

If you are business oriented, an added advantage to participating in such surveys is that you learn so much about different markets and different trends in those markets.  What type of information are these companies and suppliers looking for? How detailed are the questions on these surveys and why? For an aspiring entrepreneur or even a veteran business owner, this information is so valuable and can give you business ideas that only few others have access to.  

While many online survey websites offer legitimate jobs, scams can be a problem that you should be aware of. These are a distinct disadvantage of online surveys. Never join a website that asks you to pay a membership fee upfront. This is a scam. Similarly an online survey website that asks you for details like your insurance number is also a scam to be avoided. If an online survey website makes unlikely claims that is probably because they are a scam. One such claim is that you will make a set income each month. Genuine online survey companies cannot possibly predict this. Also avoid companies that cannot offer privacy or sell your data to third parties.


Websites Offering Online Surveys for Money

Harris Polls is an excellent online surveys website that offers a variety of rewards. This website is highly respected and offers a range of different rewards for completing surveys. CVS Advisor is another good online surveys website, through which you may only receive a few surveys but they are handsomely rewarded. Survey Savvy is yet another respected online surveys website that is considered reputable.




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