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Many small business owners who are looking for outsourcing companies don’t know where to start looking. The simple answer is to check a freelancing website, but there is much more you should know about where to look before you resort to such freelancing websites. 

Freelancing sites are good for hiring individuals or smaller companies for small freelance jobs, but if you need a larger company, you will have to look elsewhere. It helps to know what to expect from various places in the world. The type of skills you need will dictate the best place to find offshore outsourcing companies that fit your needs. 


Outsourcing to India

In India, outsourcing is very common. StatisticBrain.com did an analysis of the most common outsourcing countries, and found that India is on the top of the list for countries providing the largest number of virtual workers

India is probably best known for its call centers and IT services. So if you’re looking for customer service or some types of tech knowledge, India may be a good place to start looking.

It is not uncommon to find high quality virtual workers with MBA’s and other higher education degrees in almost any discipline you can think of, whom you can hire for very reasonable rates.  Depending on the projects you assign them, the rates could go from a few dollars to $15-plus USD per hour.  You can even find freelancers and small service providers to contract for less than that, but you risk compromising the quality of the work you want done. 

This is a win-win situation for both parties (you and the virtual contractor) in most cases depending on where you both are geographically located in the world.    

It’s become very easy for anyone to locate, interview, and hire contractors for almost anything you can think of.  If you don’t know where to look, start with the following online sites that specialize in bringing virtual workers and employers together: Elance, Odesk, Guru, Vworker, and Freelancer to name a few.


Outsourcing to Romania and the Rest of Europe


Europe doesn’t make much of an appearance on the outsourcing scene, mainly because of the worker problems that plague much of the continent. If you outsource to Europe at all, Eastern Europe is where most of the outsourcing companies are located.

Outsourcing to Eastern Europe can help if you need English-speaking workers who live in a different time zone. The region is also rapidly becoming known for white collar resourcing jobs like accounting, data entry, research and development, and similar jobs.


Outsourcing in the Philippines

Many companies outsource to the Philippines, both to save money and access workers with skills that they don’t have in-house. It’s interesting to note that the cost savings involved with going to the Philippines for outsourcing are typically higher than India.  With millions of outsourcing workers, the nation is rapidly becoming a force to reckon with in the outsourcing industry.

Like India, the Philippines is a good place to find call center services, although in the Philippines you will find a wider array of services which often come with employees who have good worth ethics. The government offers incentives that make the nation attractive to outsourcing companies.  Moreover, virtual employees from the Philippines tend to have better English skills, especially spoken, than other Asian and South Asian workers.  

Outsourcing Companies in Other Countries

Other major companies worth mentioning in the outsourcing world are Indonesia, China, and Russia.  China’s outsourcing companies are mainly focused on manufacturing.  So if you need anything other than manufacturing, other countries would serve you better.

Indonesia is filled with white collar workers who specialize in everything from search engine optimization to web design and IT services. It’s a great place to find technologically-minded outsourcing service providers.

Egypt and Pakistan are also rapidly becoming more attractive in the outsourcing arena, due to their highly educated work force and the relatively high cost savings compared to other parts of the world.   

Russian outsourcing companies typically focus on research and development and excel in technical expertise.

If you’re starting a business or running one offline or online, and you’re still doing everything by yourself, maybe you need to think again.  Start delegating some of the work to others who can do it just as well as you or even better, and for a lot less than what your time is worth.  Free up your valuable time and focus on your core competencies if you’re serious about building a successful business.   



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