Why Outsourcing Jobs
Can Be a Good Idea


Outsourcing jobs has been the topic of much debate. Are you, as a small business owner, being responsible by outsourcing? You are if you’re careful about who you outsource with, and here’s why.


The Debate over Outsourcing Jobs

A major media outlet in the U.S. did a study recently on outsourcing and found that in the long term, outsourcing was good for business.

On the surface, it looks like opting for virtual jobs through a company located elsewhere eliminates domestic jobs, but as it turns out, the money saved because of outsourcing jobs is usually used to hire additional staff to do other things.

So, for example, if you cut cost by outsourcing your call center services outside of the U.S., then you might be able to hire more skilled labor at home, like a trained sales person or someone with a very specific skill that you need locally.

Most Popular Reasons for Outsourcing


If you’re thinking about outsourcing jobs, then it helps to consider the reasons other businesses do it. Statistics compiled by Sourcing Line Computer Economics indicate that 44 percent of the companies that outsource do so to reduce or control costs. Second, with 34 percent of businesses, was to gain access to IT resources that they don’t have access to internally.

31 percent of businesses that outsource do it to free up their internal resources for other tasks, while 28 percent of them do it to improve their business or customer focus. 22 percent outsource in order to speed up their company’s reorganization or transformation, while 15 percent of them do it to speed up a specific project or to gain access to management expertise they don’t have.


Which Jobs Should I Outsource?

As a general rule, you could outsource anything you need help with. Back office outsourcing is probably the most popular form.

It can include:

  • IT services outsourcing,
  • Document outsourcing
  • Desk help outsourcing
  • Collection outsourcing
  • Accounts payable outsourcing
  • HR outsourcing services,
  • Medical transcription outsourcing
  • Finance or accounting outsourcing
  • Legal outsourcing
  • Outsourcing payroll tax service

You could also consider outsourcing your sales force, although that is less popular because most business owners want to have control over this major aspect of their business. The only exception would be telemarketing, which is a different form of sales entirely.

Outsourcing any jobs like the list above is usually pretty easy to do, so if you have any online or home business ideas that you aren’t ready to turn into brick and mortar locations with tens or hundreds of employees, then outsourcing might be right for you. There are many very well established online outsourcing companies available today to help you with almost any business task you can think of.    


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