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Part time business ideas can help people to bring in extra cash. There are a huge amount of different hot new business ideas you can run, most of which require very minimal or no initial investment to get underway. This is what makes these viable business ideas.

If you have to spend money upfront to get your part time business ideas off the ground then you need to be sure that you will definitely make back the cost of your investment quite quickly. The options below are easy business ideas that anyone can implement. You can put as much or as little time as you like into these types of ideas, depending on how much money you want to make.


Brainstorming Part Time Business Ideas

Part time business ideas can be free home based business ideas, online home based business ideas or business ideas of a different kind.  With the new online virtual tools and internet technologies, now people around the world are finding new ways of performing some very traditional tasks and services. 

Task Rabbit and Mechanical Turk are two examples of great websites that allow you to find tasks to do to make money pretty fast– usually tasks that other people do not have the time to do themselves. You may also get inspired to find other online home based business ideas and virtual jobs by looking at such websites.

A List of Business Ideas

Here is a list of easy business ideas to get started, including some hot new business ideas:

Selling content – as far as online home based business ideas go, this one is easy money. Most people have some types of content that they can sell online. You may be able to sell academic work, creative art, or other type of information for money.

Flier delivery service – a lot of companies want to advertise their offerings to potential clients. Alternatively people want to advertise events. Delivering fliers is one of the easiest free home based business ideas.

House sitting – when people go away often they prefer to leave someone in their home so that things run smoothly, or to lessen the chances of robbery. You can also offer pet sitting. Both of these are easy business ideas.

Catering opportunities – catering includes preparing food and beverages for organized events, but also other tasks like decorating for events, or serving food. This cuts back on stress that others would otherwise face and is among many great home business ideas for women, men or young people.

Student taxi – students often do not have their own transport so you can offer them cheap transportation for delivering them to and from transport hubs, or wherever they want to go. This idea does require you to have your own transport.

Laundry service – people often do not like doing their own laundry and would prefer to pay to get it done. You can carry out this less popular task for others who will be willing to pay you to do it. As long as you have laundry facilities this free home based business idea can be run relatively cheaply.

Gardening – gardening and landscaping can be a lot of work for those that have busy lives. You can carry out simple tasks like mowing grass and keeping trees in shape to creating landscaped gardens for people, depending on how confident you feel in these activities.

Pet grooming – keeping pets clean and tidy can be hard work for those that are busy or do not enjoy it. You can offer services like bathing cats or keeping claws trimmed.

Moving company – people often want to move but cannot afford the services of professional removal firms. You can make money by helping people move home, or helping bands move their equipment. You will need to be able to drive to use this part time business idea.


Online Tasks and Virtual Businesses is another great online service that allows people of almost all backgrounds an opportunity to offer their unique, or not so unique, services in one of the most user friendly platforms that exists online today.  The services you can offer are limited only by your imagination.  Especially if you’re a beginner and have no experience whatsoever in business and have never offered a service of any kind to anyone before.  If you have even the least bit of imagination, you’re bound to find a way to offer a service to others for a fee using this site.   

Many of the abovementioned business ideas sound more like jobs, but make no mistake; they are viable business ideas and are scalable too.  Meaning if you’re willing to learn and put in the effort necessary you can create such businesses, maintain and grow them.  But it’s almost always advisable to experience the work first hand yourself and work in your business before you start work on your business. Roll up your sleeves, draft your business plan and get started, because no else is going to do it for you. 



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