Profitable Business Ideas
For a Small Budget

Looking for profitable business ideas can be a challenge. After all, you may have some ideas up your sleeve already, but the question is whether those startup business ideas are going to be profitable for you or not.

A good business idea is profitable not just because it’s workable for you, but also because it addresses a problem people are facing. Here are some examples of profitable business ideas to get you started.

Examples of Profitable Business Ideas


Many of the top business ideas are those that have you wishing you had thought of them first, but whatever you end up doing doesn’t necessarily have to be earth-shattering. It just needs to solve a problem, whether that’s something on a smaller scale in your neighborhood or something that ends up being global via the internet and other media.

A few examples of business ideas that could be very profitable include starting an online company that offers goods or services for sale online, starting a home cleaning business, or opening up a restaurant that offers popular foods in your area.

If you like the idea of a home cleaning business, you might consider a recognized home based franchise like Merry Maids or Servepro. Other great home based franchises that make for lucrative business ideas include Weed Man and other lawn care service franchises.


Startup Costs for Startup Business Ideas


Of course in order to take advantage of any hot new business ideas you come up with, you’ll need startup funds. If you already have some cash, then you have already passed the first barrier to success. If you don’t have the capital, you can probably secure a small business loan through a local bank, the Small Business Administration, or even your city or county.  You can avoid taking on loans by raising venture capital, which would entails giving up some of your stake in your new business to your new partners.   

The amount of money you’ll need to get started with your profitable business ideas will vary depending on what you’re doing. Starting an online business for example can cost as little as a few hundred dollars or even less if you already have a computer and an internet connection. 

Starting a home-based business can be done fairly cheap. If it is a service based business you’re starting, then you’ll need to purchase whatever trade equipment necessary to start.  For a cleaning business it could be items, such as vacuums or brooms, and it might be mowers and edgers if it is a lawn care company you’re interested in.  A few hundred to a few thousand dollars is all you need to get started.  There is also the option of renting the equipment you need to start.

Your beginnings might be modest, but you can scale your business reasonably fast if you have done your due diligence, put together a system in place, and crafted a workable business plan.


Potential Profits for a Good Business Idea

So now that you’ve got a great idea for starting a business, how do you go about determining what kind of profit you’ll be able to make? It all boils down to being able to accurately predict your income and expenses. Expenses are relatively set and simple to determine if you made a list of what you need, so they should be easy to calculate. The beauty of most profitable business ideas is that you can make as much or as little as you want. 

You must, however, study the market you’re going into and understand what type of competition, if any, you’ll be facing.  It is equally important to know exactly what value you will be providing your clients and customers.  Knowing this basic value you bring to the market will help you determine how much you can charge for your services and / or products.   

What is potentially a great business idea for someone might not be another person’s cup of tea.  As you can see, there is a whole host of factors that go into helping you decide on that profitable business idea that fits you and your business goals.  If there is a reasonable market for your business idea, and you are passionate about it, it is just a matter of time before you make it a success.  Get started!  You don’t need to figure out all of the details today.




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