SEO for Small Business:
Everything You Need to Know


SEO for small business is an excellent marketing strategy because it can open up your organization to an increased number of potential customers. When SEO is done well it leads to your business appearing higher up in the search engines for keywords and keyword phrases that you think your customers will type in when they are looking for products or services like yours.

When your website appears higher up in the search engine, customers are more likely to click on your links and subsequently are more likely to purchase your products and services. SEO link building can also have the same effect on your website. SEO for small business can be done in house or it can be outsourced.


Carrying Out SEO Marketing

SEO for small business requires you to really think about what customers are looking for from your business. If for example, you run an economically priced hostel in Newtown you would want to consider the keywords that customers might type in. These are the keywords that you would want your business to appear under. In this case you might choose keyword phrases like“cheap hostel Newtown” or “backpacker hostel Newton”. These are just two examples of phrases you could go for.

You can get lots of ideas from keyword tools. Google AdWords provides a useful keyword tool that can give you plenty of suggestions. These words and phrases then need to be built into your website, in text, headings, picture names and even video (known as VSEO).

In particular, website text needs to be adapted to include the keywords and keyword phrases that you have selected for your SEO marketing campaign. While the words must be included they should not be included too much, as this leads to a very unsatisfactory experience for visitors to your website. Keyword stuffing can make your text difficult to read. There is a fine balance to be reached between including enough keywords to get attention paid to your website, and overdoing it and turning customers off.

SEO link building is another important activity. With this, the idea is to get as many high quality incoming links to your website as possible. When this happens, your website becomes seen as a reputable business that other people want to be linked to. This gives you credibility and your website is ranked higher in search engines.


Outsourcing SEO for Small Business

If you do not know very much about SEO and if you have some budget for SEO marketing you might consider SEO outsourcing to India, for instance, where there are lots of very affordable SEO services available. If outsourcing SEO services India is a good option because as well as affordability there is lots of technical expertise in this area.

If you decide to outsource your SEO marketing activities you will want to make sure that the company or person that you hire has a good understanding of the target language as well as what your company actually does and the kinds of customers you want to attract. This will help them to offer an SEO service that will really add value to your organization, appealing to a greater number of customers.


SEO as a Small Business Idea

If you have a great knowledge of SEO techniques, a good business idea for you could be setting up an SEO business of your own, providing SEO advice and activities for others. Another alternative is that you could become an SEO reseller, selling the SEO services of another company to organizations that are looking for SEO services.

SEO is always changing as companies like Google update their search engine algorithms to avoid abuse. This makes it a great industry to be in because as long as you stay ahead of the trends you will have customers coming back to you for updating their SEO.

SEO is only one marketing strategy that can be used to grow a business, and it is not the best strategy for every business.  For some small businesses owners, such as bloggers, or infopreneurs, great content could be all they need to grow their business in their respective niches.   


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