How to Start a Social Media Business


Starting a social media business isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s more about simply trolling social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Most businesses don’t require special expertise to be able to post a blog on their website and then link it to their social networking profiles.

So how does an entrepreneur get into the social media business? What kind of expertise can you offer clients to get them to sign up with you? Here’s how.


Start by Creating a Buzz on Social Networks


The first thing you’ll need to do to get into the social networking business is to figure out how to work the social networks. Social networking for business is all about creating a buzz. It’s about finding that viral factor that will cause a brand name to spread like wildfire through social media.

After all, social media is the new word of mouth. 

If people in just a small area are talking about the brand you’re promoting, they can spread your message all over the world in just a short amount of time. The key is to give them something worth buzzing about.


Gathering Clients for Your Social Networking Business


Social Media Business

First you’ve got to create your own brand. In order to really set itself apart from competitors, a social media business must have a brand, and you’ve got to promote that brand through—guess what?—social media.

If you can create a buzz for your own brand, then that’s the best demonstration you can offer prospective clients. They’ll see what you’ve done with your brand, and they’ll want it for their brand as well.

So how do you grab people’s attention? One of the greatest ways to start harnessing the power of the social networks is by creating a viral video. This is a video that’s so powerful, people can’t help but pass it on.

Humor is a great way to capture people’s attention, but any type of concept will do as long as it’s something that will get people talking. Try a few ideas out on your friends and family members before you embark on the journey of building your own social media business.

When you’ve got something that works, then it’s time to create it and launch it via YouTube or another avenue that will distribute it to the masses and get people to pass it on.

Advertising that lives and breathes in a way that causes people to distribute it for you is far better than any kind of brand attention you can buy. This is the beauty of social media. It’s relatively inexpensive to produce and use, and it often works better than traditional forms of advertising like television commercials or print ads.


A “Media for Social Interaction” Business Must Keep Others Engaged


Of course creating that initial buzz is just the first battle of starting a social media business. Next you have to find a way to sustain the attention your brand has gotten. You must be able to engage customers enough to keep them coming back to you. You have to find a way to hold their attention instead of allowing your brand to become a “one hit wonder.”

Today’s consumers want to be able to interact with their favorite brands, and as a Media for Social Interaction business owner, this is something you should excel at. If you can’t keep consumers actively engaged in a brand over a period of time, then you won’t be able to run your new business successfully.


An Example of Successful Social Media Business Campaigns


There have been countless companies that have found great success via different media, but one company that’s been around for a long time found a very creative way to build buzz around their brand through social interaction media.

Intel has become well-known for its Museum of Me app on Facebook. It’s designed to build a visual representation of your social like. Tens of thousands of people have “liked” their app on Facebook, and now Intel has the opportunity to continually put its brand in front of all of these people every time they go on their Facebook account.

A successful social networking business can take a model like this and run with it.




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