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Starting an online business has become a dream for many people.  Today it’s almost like the new version of the American dream: make money from home without a whole lot of effort.

However, starting a business online does take some planning and knowledge.  It isn’t something you just jump into overnight.  First you need some great online business ideas, and then you need to be able to make those into a successful online business.

Here are some tips to help you figure out if starting an online business is the right move for you.


Choosing a Type of Online Home Business


First it’s important to learn about the different types of online businesses.  There are many different ways to get into starting a business online.  You could become an online retailer of merchandise.  If you enjoy voicing your opinion or sharing information on a topic you know a lot about, then maybe professional blogging is the right path for you.

Other options include being a broker of services, which basically involves creating a place where buyers and sellers can connect and do business. You could also come up with an idea for some kind of subscription site.

So which type of online business sounds good?  Just from looking at that list, one or two of them should pop out at you.  If none of them sound particularly appealing, you might want to reconsider your idea about starting an online business.

Putting Your Online Business Ideas to Work


After you have determined which type of online business you want to start, then it’s time to start putting it into action.  If you’re going to be running a business online, you’ll need a website, but how you get that website could vary according to the type of business you start.

In most cases, you’ll want to purchase a domain name and have it hosted by a major company.  Before you buy a domain name, you’ll need to come up with some catchy business names and then do some searches to find out which names are available. is a great place to search for domain names to find out which ones are not being used.

Then you’ll need to sign up for hosting services through a company like BlueHost.  Other trusted web hosting companies include Godaddy and Hostgator.  Read some reviews of these sites and try to figure out which one has a user interface that’s easy for you to use. 

If you’re not comfortable with all of this technical stuff, then work with a design firm that can help you figure it out.  One of the easiest and most popular ways to operate your own website with little assistance from a programmer is having WordPress or Joomla installed onto it.  It’s very easy to change the look of your page and post content whenever you want.

On the other hand, you may not want to operate your own website at all, especially if you intend to make money blogging.  WordPress also has a platform where users can create their own blogs and thee monetize them by signing up for an advertising service like Google AdWords or another service. 

You can also create a free blog at Blogger and other similar sites.  Continue reading ...


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