Summer Jobs and
Part Time Businesses

Students and adults alike often look for summer jobs to earn just a little bit of extra cash. But what if that seasonal job could turn into a part-time business that has better returns than even a full time job?

These tips will provide some ideas for those looking for a part time job or even wanting to start their own business but have limited time.


Virtual Jobs

One of the easiest ways to create work for yourself is by starting an online business. Virtual jobs are growing rapidly and businesses turn to freelancers to do jobs they once had in-house.

There are many different kinds of virtual jobs that could be great part-time jobs. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has released a number of high paying jobs that can be done in your own time.

One is as a technical writer. According to the agency, they earn around $63,000 per year or $30 per hour. Online post-secondary teachers have similar earnings.

Translators earn about $21 per hour or $43,000 per year, while virtual tax preparers can earn around $39,000 per year of $19 per hour. You can even work as a virtual customer service representative for about $15 per hour.

And what’s great about all of these virtual jobs is that you can write off many of your regular expenses on your taxes if you’re doing them at home. You only need a computer and an internet connection to perform most if not all of these virtual jobs. 

Service Business Ideas

When you’re thinking about the service industry, you can do practically anything. If you have a skill that can serve others, you can probably monetize it.

Such services could include house cleaning, senior or respite care, computer tutoring, personal training, or gardening or landscaping.  You could even run an espresso cart / stand.  Just remember that location is everything if you’re setting up a stand or cart of any kind.  You might start some of these services on a part-time basis, on weekends for instance, and see if they could be developed into more profitable businesses or start-ups.


High Paying Summer Jobs

Of course the best summer jobs are those you can make a lot of money doing in just a short amount of time. Some of them are the perfect jobs for youth, while others are right for anyone with the right skills.  

Working as a caddy can bring some nice income. Forbes highlighted a 13-year-old who made around $200 per round of golf. Average pay for a caddy is $16.67 per hour.

Babysitting can also be very lucrative, especially helping out parents who work during the summer and need summer-only day care for their elementary school children. On average, babysitters make about $12.50 per hour, according to Forbes.

So if you’re looking for summer jobs, the good news is that you will usually earn more than minimum wage, especially if you have a skill you’re very good at.  But if you can take it a step further and build your own business even if it’s just on a part-time basis, then your rewards could be tremendous if you stick with it. 

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