Using Telemarketing Outsourcing Services
for a Small Business


Utilizing telemarketing outsourcing services can be a great idea for small business owners and entrepreneurs for several reasons. One of the main reasons so many small business owners turn to an outside telemarketing center is because they’re running a temporary campaign. It’s a lot easier to tell the call center services company you’re working with that the campaign is over than it is to hire staff temporarily to handle your campaign.

Outsourcing telemarketing also gives you access to professionals who specialize in this type of marketing. After all, you may have a top notch sales staff, but telemarketing is entirely different and requires special knowledge and experience. Outsourcing a sales force that specializes in telemarketing is different.

Telemarketing Outsourcing Services and Lead Generation


So if you find yourself with profitable business ideas that require a telemarketing campaign, the first step is to understand the different types of services that are available to you. Start by thinking about exactly what you need.

Some telemarketing outsourcing services offer telemarketing in addition to other types of services like lead generation. When taken together, lead generation and telemarketing are invaluable to your business.  You need to begin with a lead before you can call someone on the phone and market your services to them.

Businesses once just picked up a phone book and started calling people who had their name listed, but now regulatory laws generally require that you have a previous business relationship with them—a relationship that would be established through lead generation.

Lead generation basically enables you to take advantage of lists of customers who have indicated an interest in the type of good or service you provide. The lead generation company collects these names, and then they can call them up to market your services, so lead generation and telemarketing go hand in hand.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Outsourcing Telemarketing


Of course there are some things you should be concerned about when it comes to using telemarketing outsourcing services. Make sure the company you use understands the laws in your country, especially if they are located overseas. If the outsourcing company does something illegal, then you will be held liable.

With telemarketing, you also need to give the company some confidential information about your business so that they can market it. They could sell your profitable business ideas or internet business opportunities to someone else who would steal them. 

Just be sure that you do business with reputable telemarketing services. Research them and speak with current clients to ensure that your confidential information will be protected.  Use non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and other legal agreements to protect your assets and business intellectual property when you hire a freelancer or a service provider of any kind. 

There are very well established online businesses, such as, that specialize in bringing employers and contractors together from around the world.  Such businesses also offer a variety of tools and forms you might need to use in your hiring/firing process.  Make sure you leverage these free tools to start and grow your business.  



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