Starting and Running
a Twitter Marketing Business


Twitter marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most important types of marketing companies can use, but unfortunately for many businesses, they just don’t know how to create Twitter campaigns that work.

However, for entrepreneurs who have a keen sense of how to engage consumers, there’s a unique business opportunity.  Many of these entrepreneurs have created businesses of all sizes including home-based businesses relying heavily on Twitter marketing.    

So what does it take to run a successful Twitter marketing business?  Here are a few things you should know before you try it.


What is Twitter Marketing All About?

Twitter marketing and all forms of social media marketing require you to think of ways to get your users to interact with you.  The more engaging your tweets are, the more likely they will be re-tweeted by your followers.  And the more re-tweets you get, the more viral your social marketing campaign becomes.

At this stage, it’s probably pretty difficult to gauge whether you will be able to successfully plan a Twitter marketing campaign, especially if you don’t have any experience in marketing at all.  In order to help you figure it out, let’s look at some examples of stellar marketing campaigns.

Whole Foods Markets engages with their Twitter followers by asking them what books and magazines they like to read and which television shows they like to watch.  Southwest Airlines also holds discussions with its followers via Twitter.

On a much grander scale, Mercedes-Benz in the UK used Twitter to let its followers choose the ending of its television commercial.  So there are many different ways to engage followers and keep them interested in a business or brand name.


Can You Plan Marketing Campaigns Like That?

If so, then you may have a future in marketing, and especially using Twitter as your platform.   Of course there is more to building a marketing business than knowing how to run successful Twitter campaigns. 

In addition to having your own Twitter account (or company’s account), it’s important for you to have a business plan in the traditional sense. 

What are you exactly offering that is of value to others (your clients/customers)? Yes, you say you’re good at using Twitter to market products or services in a certain niche (s), but what is so unique about your business that makes you stand out?.  You need to know exactly what value you bring to your market or industry, and be able to articulate it and prove it in your marketing campaigns in order to build and grow your business. 

Without a solid portfolio showing off your own business savvy via social media, and specifically Twitter in this case, it will be nearly impossible to build, grow, and maintain a successful Twitter marketing business.  Your potential clients want proof you can run and manage successful Twitter campaigns.  They also want to know that you are able to run a business efficiently in this age of social media.

Here are a few very good marketing articles written by a successful entrepreneur, blogger, and online marker, Tim Ferriss. His blog is a very good example of how to successfully engage your customers, readers, and/or followers.


Twitter - Growing Your Marketing Business

The important thing to remember is that you must provide something of value, and also offer regular updates to your clients.  Not every post needs to be something that’s earth-shattering, but they must keep your clients/customers engaged.  It can be something as simple as a link to a blog post you or someone else has written that sparks some great discussion among your readers / followers and helps answer their questions or solves a problem they have.

Over time you will likely grow your client and customer base, and as a result you will have to make sure that your marketing business system is scalable.  Only you can decide if you have the time and know how to keep running all aspects of your business including marketing, customer service (yes, you will need some of this regardless of how much you automate your business), site and social media accounts maintenance, etc. 

There is also a very good possibility, depending, on how profitable your business is, that you might want to outsource some of these tasks to third parties, so you can free up some of your precious time to grow your business or start a new one.


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