Work at Home Crafts: Don’t Get Scammed!

One of the most common scams for working at home is craft assembly, but unfortunately a plethora of bad companies have given the few legitimate "work at home crafts" companies a bad name.

So how do you tell the difference between a company that’s going to scam you and one that’s really a great idea for a work from home mom? Here are some things to look out for.

How Home Craft Assembly Pays Off

The idea behind " craft assembly work at home " schemes is simple. You pay for materials, and the company sends them to you. You’ve got a set amount of time to evaluate the materials and decide if it’s something you want to do.

Then you put together the crafts, send them back to the company, and they send you a check. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work.

Avoiding Work at Home Crafts Scams

Unfortunately many companies will refuse to pay you, even if you do a good job putting the crafts together. One common problem some people find is that when they send in the completed crafts, the company says they are not up to their standards and refuses to pay.

Thankfully not all crafts work at home companies are a scam. But you have to do some research before you sign up for anything to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable company.

Many mom-owned businesses can become quite successful in work at home crafts, but only if you find a company that will actually pay you for the good work you do. The first thing you should do to avoid being scammed is check the Better Business Bureau and online complaint sites.

If the company has a reputation for ripping people off, then it should be pretty easy to uncover the truth. Also make sure that you only try companies that have been around for a while. The newer the company is, the less information that will be available about it.

Established companies will have a reputation for either paying as promised or ripping people off, so all it takes is a little bit of research to discover which the case is.

Start Your Own Craft Assembly Home Business

If you’re not comfortable signing up for a craft assembly scheme, then you could consider going into business for yourself entirely. One of the many small business ideas for women involves making your own wares and selling them online through or a similar site. Hair bows, t-shirts, ornaments and trinkets are just a few ideas of what you could make, depending on what you enjoy doing.

This business model puts you entirely in control, not just of what you make, but also whether you make money doing it. Suddenly you’re not at the mercy of a company that might not pay. It’s all about the success you create for yourself with your own work at home crafts.



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