Young Entrepreneurs
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In today’s world, young entrepreneurs have plenty of opportunities to start their own businesses. It doesn’t matter how young you are. All you need is the drive and passion to get things done, and, of course, good money making ideas.

The main principle most young entrepreneurs start with is a fresh idea. They come up with something new that no one else is doing. So whether you’re building your own website or coming up with an inventive new product, creativity is the key.

Sometimes young and aspiring entrepreneurs are the best at creating new businesses because they haven’t been in the business world yet, so they haven’t formed any preconceived notions about the different business systems and practices.

Real Successful Young and Hopeful Entrepreneurs


History has been filled with many successful entrepreneurs of all ages. Here are three of the rising young stars, two of whom are children entrepreneurs.


Leanna Archer’s business is Leanna’s Inc., and she knew she wanted to get into the hair business when she was 11. Her company manufactures eight hair products that are entirely organic. In 2010 the revenue from her company was over $100,000.

Robert Nay got into the smartphone apps business when he was 14. Nay Games’ first app was Bubble Ball, and it had more than 2 million downloads within just two weeks of its launch. The game even pushed the well-known game Angry Birds out of the top spot in Apple’s App store.

Entrepreneur Magazine named Bryan Silverman its College Entrepreneur of 2012. He’s starting his own business making this ‘unique’ toilet paper. 


He got the idea to make readable toilet paper in 2010, and he and his older brother found research that indicated high response rates to advertisements posted in public restrooms. Silverman started his business Star Toilet Paper with his brother. They had less than $1,000 to start the business. Their product has coupons printed on it, which other companies pay for. 


How any Aspiring Entrepreneur Can Dive into Business


You must find a niche you are passionate about, study your market, and fully understand what value your service or product will bring to the market, before you even think about building your business. 

Whether you’re looking for business ideas for teens, business ideas for kids, summer jobs, or you’ve got a great idea for a business, there are some steps you must take to get started. Aspiring entrepreneurs of a younger age, like other business owners, armed with a great business idea, must be able to fund their start-ups.  Of course the amount of cash you’ll need depends on exactly what you’re doing. 

A great resource for these entrepreneurs to start with is the Small Business Administration, which has an assessment tool, free online courses, and other resources for young people who want to start their own business. 

Many successful online businesses started with almost no money; just a computer and an internet connection.


Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs looking for small business investment ideas can do virtually anything they want. You might consider starting your own blog and monetizing it, which requires very little up-front capital. You can even do something as simple as crafting small items like hair bows or something similar and then selling them in your neighborhood or online through Etsy.

Of course babysitting could be another option if you are old enough and good with kids. If you are of driving age, then you could even offer yourself as a taxi service for busy moms and dads whose kids are involved in extracurricular activities.

Another idea for young entrepreneurs is to work as a computer tutor, either for younger kids or even for senior citizens, many of whom may be lost when it comes to technology.

Business ideas and business opportunities are plentiful.  You just need to find the one that fits your circumstances. 



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